Last week at SMX West, I sat on a panel with Chris Bennett and Gab Goldenberg talking about “What is new in Social Media Marketing.”

It was a really great session and we got a lot of information out through the presentations, and answering various questions from the audience.

I was asked by a few people if I would offer up the slides from my presentation, and so I am posting real quick to provide the opportunity to grab them.

Unfortunately, my slides are almost always a visual aid to what I am saying, so not sure it will be super effective for people who didn’t attend the session.

Either way, here are the slides for those who want them:


Although we covered a number of changes and new features in the top social communities, less than two weeks later I have tons of new changes to report.

So stay tuned or sign up for my RSS feed, so you can get the coming post covering all the most recent changes in the top social media communities.

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