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I remember getting into social media marketing around 6 years ago, when I worked as an SEO for a senior care company and needed to get some inbound links to some various properties. Of course I did everything wrong, from naming my account after the company, to only submitting my own content, and not taking any time to see how the community really worked.

Regardless of the flaws in my approach early on, I still got lucky with one really fun article I submitted, which went front page on The traffic literally crushed my server. Three days later they still would not bring the site back online and said that I needed to find a new place to host my website. I was finally able to get the site back online and after four days of being down, I still ended up getting thousands of links to a relatively new site.

A month later the new site had a PR6 and was ranking for a ton of really great phrases… I was in love with social media marketing and it became the entire focus of my professional career.

Fast forward to today, I still focus the majority of my efforts in content marketing, which is the process of showcasing quality content throughout a variety of highly visible platforms, such as social aggregation sites, social communities, blogs, portals, and even email and messaging services. This service combines both natural and paid opportunities to provide your content the highest level of targeted visibility as possible.

That is not to say that the social landscape has not changed over the years or that our approach has not evolved, but it has always revolved around a few core concepts:

  • Seed only quality material and only where it has a chance to be received well by the community
  • Work with the system, and its users, to earn respect and authority with the site and its users
  • Never forget what the marketing goal is for content marketing

The other major focus of my efforts is on quality content, as content marketing really works best when you are promoting content that is high quality and interesting to everyone.

Over the last 6 months I have spent a lot of time evaluating where content marketing is going and how to better evolve with the extremely fast changing landscape of social media in general. I have been implementing changes to our process and offering, to make sure that we have the best content marketing services available on the market as we go into 2012.

1) Content Marketing (Social Promotion) – We provide quality content marketing services in a variety of sites, such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter, Care2, Reddit, Digg and many other communities and sites.

With over 6 years experience running social media campaigns in the top social sites, we have developed effective strategies, along with some of the more powerful social media accounts and profiles. All of this allows us to provide a content marketing service we not only believe in, but use ourselves on a number of internal projects.

2) Infographic Creation – Infographics, if done right, are super effective. The reason really is that they combine all the elements that lead to success in content marketing. They have strong and vivid graphics, an easy to digest line of discussion, interesting facts and information that anyone could enjoy, and they are not easy to reproduce or change.

The problem is that infographics are really quite difficult to do right, as they have three core phases that often are not part of a single individuals skill set. We had problems with this for a long time, until we finally found the right people and the right process to create high quality infographics.

This is why I am personally so excited to offer this service to everyone now, as it not only creates some of the best infographics I have seen, but I priced it lower than any other service I could find for the equal quality.

If you are interested in either Content Marketing or Infographic Creation, please shoot me an email at brent @ and I will be happy to discuss in more detail what we are offering.

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