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Some of you, who had joined the Beta group to experience the new version of StumbleUpon, might have noticed the old verison, or V2, when visiting the site today.

Around 8:00 pm last night, November 19, 2008, StumbleUpon made an announcement in their Beta Group discussions area that they have rolled the majority of their users back to V2 “to prepare for upcoming changes that will add new features and optimize many existing ones.”

Newer users may still be able to see the new version with the addition of these four additional changes released last night:

1. Improved SU homepage – The new StumbleUpon front page does not change that much, but if you’re logged in, it focuses more on popular content by showing recommended sites based on your selected interests. It also removes that half page image that tried to show you what StumbleUpon might be about and used the entire page for content. (Its about time)

Also you will notice that they have taken a page out of Reddit‘s book by adding a box in the upper right hand corner where you can adjust your interests.

A stumble button has been added in the upper right corner of the site that will launch the web based stumble bar.

If anyone played with web stumble when it first came out, it did not actually save the stumbles. It would save them to the bar and then you would have to click to save the favorites to your account.

Now, if you are logged in, the web stumble bar will save your stumbles without additional action.

2. Improved URL Review page – There is not a massive difference on the Review pages, but you will notice two solid changes.

First, they added clickable tags under the featured comment, allowing the further exploration of sites sharing similar tags.

Second, they moved the site recommendations down below all the comments, instead of having it below the featured comment.

3. Improved Tag page – I cannot really see where they made much of change here, but we will take their word on the fact that it is improved. I was never really a big tag page person anyhow.

4. Improved web stumbling with Mass Share – This is also mentioned to be visible, but I was unable to see any aspect of a mass share feature while using the web stumble option.

The over all changes look really good. They are all geared at making sure the users have an easier time finding content they would be interested in and allows people to use the site without installing a toolbar.

Users who cannot see this current version will notice a toggle option in a few days to either use their current version or the newer one.

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