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If you are a regular StumbleUpon, then you are familiar with the Yes or No ‘Safe for work?’ options, when discovering (submitting) content to StumbleUpon.


However, when I went to discover a recent news story I read from BBC (, I noticed something a little different.

It appears that StumbleUpon has decided that content from BBC is always safe for work, and thus eliminating the ability to tag it as not safe.

As you will notice in the picture below, the ‘Safe for work?’ option only allows for the Yes answer, which is already selected for you.


I thought initially, that this might be associated with StumbleUpon’s Partnership Program, but after reviewing the sites included in the program, only one other site was on the ‘Auto Safe’ list; the Huffington Post.

I also thought it was interesting that Huffington Post was on the safe list, since the first link I clicked on when visiting their site showed me this image:


A quick check to verified that StumbleUpon considered this image ‘safe for work‘.


Now clearly no program is perfect, but it does make you wonder why StumbleUpon decided to remove the option to flag content as adult from certain sites. Especially sites that allow independent authors to publish to their platform, which could contain adult orientated material.

Have you seen any other sites that are on the StumbleUpon ‘Auto Safe” list?

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