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If you are not familiar with StumbleUpon and its toolbar, there is a ‘Send to’ feature that allows you to send the page you are currently on to one of your mutual friends. The page you send will be queued into your friends StumbleUpon toolbar and the queued pages are shown before any regular pages through the StumbleUpon system.

There is a Red number that will appear just to the right of the Stumble button, on the left side of the toolbar. This number indicates how many pages your mutual friends have sent you and are in queue for you to see.


Recently StumbleUpon decided to release a new ‘Share‘ feature through the site that would allow users to share pages with multiple friends at once through StumbleUpon’s website.


Needless to say that since they released this feature my queue indicator number has been stuck at a solid 99, which is the highest number StumbleUpon shows in its toolbar… at least it was the highest they normally show.

Today when I went to stumble a few more stories, I noticed that my toolbar was showing 500 pages in queue.


At first I thought it must be a mistake, so I decided to click the Stumble button and see what would happen. Instead of jumping back down to 98 as I expected it would, it went down to 499 and then continued to count down as I  stumbled more pages.

When I returned after a break and some lunch, the number had returned to 99 as it was previously and I have not see another number higher since that occurrence.

I know the cue is not actually limited at 99, as on numerous occasions I have worked it down into the 50’s, only to have it refresh back to 98 when I click the stumble button again. As I am quite confident some 50 more pages were not shared with me in a 10 minute time span, it must be holding more pages in cue than it shows you.

So I wonder if the 500 number I saw was really just some bug or glitch or if they are indeed intending to allow the queue to build and display that high of a number.

As there is no way to actually clear the queued pages and start fresh, I hope it was just a bug and they will not allow queued pages to get that backed up.

Anyone else seen a higher number than 99 in the StumbleUpon toolbar queue?

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