I have been noticing something interesting with the /all/upcoming/most pages. It appears that there is a in between virgo sort of realm where articles go for a couple diggs after they have left /page2 and before they reach /most (page 1).

So lets say you are on your way up the upcoming list on /page2 and you have about 72 diggs and your on the top of the page. When you get another digg and have 73 you will disappear off the list. Naturally you would go over to the /most page to see yourself climb on that page.

WAIT!!!. Your not there.. Panic sets in that you have somehow been buried and you begin looking all over. You check your profile to see you do have 73 diggs and so should no longer be on /page2 but why are you not on the /most page.

Then a few minutes later you will get a few more diggs and appear on the /most page as if there was no disconnect at all.

So where do posts go during that time between /page2 and /most. Digg only knows but i tried typing in a /page1-5 and got nothing.

Here are some pictures of the disconnect below.

Page2 where it has already disappeared:

/most where it should now be:

Profile page where digg count shows 73:

/most after a while and a few more diggs:

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