Edit: Twitterfeed came back online today so must have been just a coincidence.

I have been a pretty solid user of Twitterfeed since it was released, and I have seen many people using RSS2Twitter. Both are services that allow you to put in an RSS feed url and they will publish updates from the feed to your Twitter account.

Recently Twitter made some updates to their site, and today both Twitterfeed and RSS2Twitter are both down and unavailable.

So it has to be asked. Did Twitter make more than just site changes? Did they have a hand in taking out the two top “RSS to Twitter” services on the web? Or is it just purely some random coincidence?

I emailed and asked Twitter for comment, but received no response. If anyone has any additional information or knows of any additional services, related to Twittering with an RSS, that have gone down or broken recently?

More importantly, does anyone know of a service that is still up and working?

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