Sometimes, in a rush, you just want to get something out fast without concern for any minor mistakes you might make.

However, when your mistake is in the Title, it can end up becoming the url of the post. The problem is when you go to fix that mistake you can end up losing links and leaving your visitors on a 404 page, unless your smart and you 301 the mistake url to the correct one.

A great example, and the reason i was driven to write this reminder, is the First Coast News article published today. A story about a man who was questioned by police while walking past a courthouse for wearing handcuffs as a fashion statement.

The problem is they rushed and misspelled Handcuffs with Handfuccs. So now the title of the their article is Authorities Question Man Wearing Handfuccs as Fashion Statement. Luckily for them they don’t use their title as their url so they can make a fix for this, whenever they notice it, but if they had then they would have bigger issues.


So take their blunder as a quick tip. If you are going to rush on submitting an article, take a second to check the one single most important element: The Title.

Same thing goes for when you submit an article to a social media community. I have rushed and made errors in my title before and had it end up killing the entire submission.

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