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Weird Asia News, probably my favorite offbeat news sites, has launched a contest today to have their site redesigned.

“We are inviting all the fans and readers proficient in site design to participate in this contest. First place winner will receive a PlayStation3, an interview, and a credit link in the footer of the blog.”

Submissions for the contest are being accepted through June 30th, at which point the best designs will be displayed so that users can vote on the winner.

Weird Asia News is a very authoritative site serving content to around 500,000 monthly readers. It is a great opportunity for individuals or companies, that have the ability to produce and design high quality wordpress themes, to get some recognition and even a PS3 for some gaming fun.

Head over to the Design Contest Page for more details.

Please help me in getting the word out about the contest and we hope they find a great design.


It appears Todd Malicoat has also offered up Guitar Hero 3 as a prize to the winner as well.

There appears to be more and more sponsors coming forward to offer prizes for the contest as well. is offering a nice collection of a bobble head, t-shirt, some stickers, and a signed postcard, to the winner.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the contest is welcome to email Sun Tzu at

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